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Never even checked out this theme before, even though it’s been around for a while. It’s nice enough.

It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning, and here I am, looking at themes in WordPress. Oh well … I rather do that than Facebook.

My blogging buddy in Europe is on a bus on her way to courses, I’m going to sleep in Canada … everything happens at the same time.


update on make

Got a reply, finally, in the forum.

Hey there tassitus,
If you have a child theme installed, you could set the height of your header with some CSS, which might help your cropping issues… However that can have implications for the responsive design and mobile-toggle…
Another idea would be to hide the background image (via CSS) on mobile…
I’m not sure I have the ideal work-around for you in this case though.

On a different note: I didn’t think I was all that dumb, but there are times when I doubt my mental capacities LOL … When you’ve made a blockquote, and want to go on typing afterwards; how do you get out of it? Is going into HTML-editing my only option? That’s what I did now, because I couldn’t find any other way.


For now, I’ve given up on the Make theme in the other page. I get so annoyed when I don’t get any reply — I asked a question in the theme’s forum, as in their own page you have to be a paying customer to even view the replies to questions.

Publicize doesn’t seem to work in O2. No posts to Twitter.
When I went back and posted from the old editor, it shared to Twitter, though. So much weird stuff going on.

scary stuff

an issue with the ‘new editor’

I’m forcing myself to use it [the WP app on the Mac], as it won’t go away. One issue I have is that when you insert an image, there’s to way to edit the behaviour of it, like “open in new window”, “link to media file” et cetera. Not even to make it clickable. There’s some room for improvements there …

What the eff is wrong with me … why can’t I think straight?! What I really need is just a USB extension cord for the mouse. Ewww! [this with regards to previous post]

My Magic keyboard has a Lightning port. In my immense ignorance, I thought I’d be able to use my mouse with cord, by attaching the camera adapter to the keyboard. It has a Lightning male and a female USB. Well … dream on! For now, I’m stuck with the Magic Mouse again. All those various cords are beginning to drive me nuts. I DO have a piece of cord with a female USB, but that isn’t Lightning, it’s USB-C.

update: un-ticked the two todo-modules. They’re not for me — I have nothing to do.

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