My post-a-day project fell flat on its ass. Couldn’t go on now, and I’ll rethink my whole blogging activity.

For five years I’ve been at it, here in WordPress, and I really love it here — both .org and .com. But one thing, amongst all the comments I got really got to me, and I don’t have anything meaningful to say so I better quit.

At first, I was meaning to move the whole thing here — a new account … a clean slate. But then again … it wouldn’t be any more meaningful, would it. Blogging for its own sake doesn’t make any sense. It was just so nice to get up in the morning … sit and think for a while, with the coffee, and then write whatever came to mind.

UPDATE: Eventually, I found a good solution … one I’m really pleased with. I don’t want to take down this tassitly website — then the user-ID would be lost forever. You just never know when it might come in handy 🙂

For how long has WordPress been at it, revamping their interface? It feels like two years, and it’s still not the finished product.

Do people still use RSS Readers? I quit when Google Reader was discontinued.