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Last night, I tried to…

Last night, I tried to exclude two tags in my regular, tassitus, blog. I have a tag cloud widget. It was easy to find out what to type in, but not where to do it. My brain started boiling so I went to bed instead.


older pic. It doesn’t show up until I’ve posted. Now I know.

No point in looking at the weather webcam today. Solid grey. Fog. Damp and 8ºC. Tomorrow my new keyboard and laptop stand will arrive. One with FedEx and the other with UPS. Yay! So looking forward to it.

I never get these embed things to work.

It’s snowing … silently.

stick with WordPress dot com, for now at least. Noticed I’d signed up for this account 2010, and never done anything with it until now! Perhaps I had some kind of plan at the time but it’s long forgotten.


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Tried to paste this link into the «new and improved editor». Boy, did that ever mess it up

I read the article and felt happy I haven’t been exposed to anything like this. This might seem as if it’s just Amazon, but that’s not the case.

the bottom fell out

My post-a-day project fell flat on its ass. Couldn’t go on now, and I’ll rethink my whole blogging activity.

For five years I’ve been at it, here in WordPress, and I really love it here — both .org and .com. But one thing, amongst all the comments I got really got to me, and I don’t have anything meaningful to say so I better quit.

At first, I was meaning to move the whole thing here — a new account … a clean slate. But then again … it wouldn’t be any more meaningful, would it. Blogging for its own sake doesn’t make any sense. It was just so nice to get up in the morning … sit and think for a while, with the coffee, and then write whatever came to mind.

UPDATE: Eventually, I found a good solution … one I’m really pleased with. I don’t want to take down this tassitly website — then the user-ID would be lost forever. You just never know when it might come in handy 🙂

For how long has WordPress been at it, revamping their interface? It feels like two years, and it’s still not the finished product.

Do people still use RSS Readers? I quit when Google Reader was discontinued.

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